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21-22 June 2014 in Riga (Latvia), stadium Daugava, eight countries take part in the European Athletics Team Championships Second League.

Final Team standing:

1. Switzerland 210

2. Latvia 206.5

3. Bulgaria 191

4. Serbia 185

5. Denmark 173

6. Croatia 168

7. Slovakia 157.5

8. Austria 144

National Latvian television, which broadcast this important sport event, has provided OBVan with 15 HD cameras, where were installed VideoMixer “GVG Kayak 200 HD”, 2 slow motion replay servers EVS HD XTnano and graphic workstation ATLAS-SPORT HD. INTV company has provided ATLAS-SPORT-ATLETICS software with full set of TV graphics templates for track and field, as follows:

  • jumps (long, high, triple, pole vault);
  • throws (discus, hammer, javelin, shot put);
  • running (sprints, hurdles, long- and middle-distance, relays).

Data attempts were automatically received from Google Docs (referee tables) in real time, running data (timer, gap, lap and result time) – from timing system FinishLynx, which were provided by Lithuanian company UAB "Sportines dangos". INTV TV Graphics production and service was fully approved by European Athletics Association Committee.

INTV company in cooperation with "Latvijas Televīzija" (Latvia) and "Sportines dangos" (Lithuania) were broadcasting of the 5th European Athletics Team Championship, Riga-2014 at high international level.

Atlas-Sport-Athletics - jumps

Atlas-Sport-Athletics - running

Atlas-Sport-Athletics - throws