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Graphic workstation EXPRESS-TITLES is using for template creation for graphic and information broadcasting: TV news, live broadcasting, weather forecasts, etc.


  • Creating and editing of database on different sections: cities, studio guests, exchange rates, weather, etc.
  • Import data into database from official sources (NEWSROOM, data system, external database, Internet, etc).
  • Creating and editing of graphics templates for TV broadcasting.
  • Realtime creating and playback of 2D compositions.
  • Customization of GUI (graphic control interface): creating of control buttons, logic groups, adjustment of position, size and colour.
  • Autofill of graphics compositions from the database.
  • "PIP" function (picture in picture).
  • Support of MOS-protocol and XML data format.
  • Output to the air up to three news tickers.
  • SMS and phone voting system with diagram results playback to the air.
  • GPI and VBI STCE104 comands for control of TV news graphic playback.
  • Remote control unit (RCU) for reactive playback of TV news graphic.
  • Jingle player with synchro-start of titles and graphic compositions.
  • Support of HD/SD formats.


  • ATLAS workstation: Windows 7 32/64-bit, Intel Core i7, 16Gb/ Interfaces - GPI, LTC, RS232/422/485. Standard of text encoding - UniCode.
  • Video interfaces: BM DeckLink 4K Extreme, BM DeckLink SDI 4K, Matrox, AJA for connection to air studio and OBVan. Graphics output in the TV standard (Fill&Key signals).
  • EXPRESS-TITLES Software: DataBase, Control panel, Graphics template designer, News crawl and ticker editor.
  • AUTOMATION-PROXY program option. Control of graphic composition output from broadcast avtomation systems Harris, AVECO, Pebble Beach, etc, through Chyron Intelligent Interface (CII), Oxtel, etc.
  • DB-PROXY program option. Provides integration with external databases, located on NAS.
  • VOTING-PROXY program option.  Provides integration with systems of collecting statistics data (phone/sms voting).
  • VANC-READER program option. Provides automatic control of graphics composition playback on the air on VBI SCTE104 commands.
  • PIP-PROXY program option. Provides picture in picture effect.

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Express-Titles. Example of news design on TV channel "NTK Cuban".

Express-Titles. Example of news design.PIP option".

Express-Titles. Example of news design.

Express-Titles. Example of news design.

Express-Titles. Example of news design.