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Media archive

INTV offers services for creating media archive for your content. Depending on requirements of the system we are propose hardware and software solutions of the leading companies. Experience of our engineers will help you to determine most necessary options and features for your needs.

As a tool of storage management we provide most effective software technologies like MAM, HSM, PAM allowing quick and usable navigation inside content using metadata search, high and low resolution management, near-line and off-line storage integration.

As a long-term storage solution LTO (Linear Tape Open) technology is the most reliable, it helps you to keep your data safe for more than 30 years with regular reading/writing to the tape.

LTO benefits:

  • Recording speed to archive can reach 780 MB/s with compression and 350 MB/s uncompressed only for LTO-7.
  • Cheaper and safer storage compared with hard drives.
  • WORM (Write-Once-Read-Many) Technology.

The software offered by INTV company, simplifies access to data located in the archive and allows you to build a hierarchical storage structure - HSM (Hierarchical Storage Management). From expensive and powerful system Oracle DIVA Content Storage Management and EVS MediArchiveDirector, which provides a full range of modern archives tasks, to simple and universal Archiware P5, enabling archiving, synchronize, create a "backup" and search by the name and format of files in the archive database.

Our projects:

  • 2009 год. Archive of STV.
  • Tape archive of STV.